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Why Should You Buy Perfectly Build Aussie Trailers?

If you want to buy a trailer in Australia, it is important to understand the difference between Aussie trailers and trailers made in other countries.

Take a closer look at the Australian trailer market. You will see that some of the dealers’ trailers are, in fact, only assembled in Australia, not manufactured. This means their semi-trailers are fattened here only by imported parts, mostly from China. Unfortunately, some of these dealers still fraudulently claim to sell trailers in Australia when they do not.

A trailer assembled only in Australia from imported parts will not have the same quality or strength as a trailer made in Australia by local welders and manufacturers using Australian steel and parts.

How Are Australian Made Trailers Matchless?

It is not always easy to find out from the dealer’s website whether he reports a trailer made in Australia or from components imported from abroad. Although most Australian made trailer dealers prefer how and where their trailers are made, some are unfortunately less careful and say they make a trailer when, in fact, everything they do is assembled.

However, before buying trailers, there are a few important questions you can ask yourself and things to look out for that will tell you the true origin of the trailer and how and where it was made.

Instead of welding to the trailer chassis, a trailer made of imported components will have a not as safe drawbar. This, of course, affects strength and reliability, not to mention safety; because the structural integrity of the drawbar is compromised in some way, there is a risk that the trailer and drawbar will separate when towed, which can be very dangerous.

Moreover, hinges are essential for trailer suspension efficiency because they connect the leaf springs to the chassis. Ideally, they should be welded on-site, but they should be bolted to the imported trailer (so that they can be shipped in most containers from abroad). This will affect the smooth functioning and the overall performance of the suspension.

In addition, the surface of the imported trailer is usually of low quality and will look different from the galvanization produced in Australia. Ultimately, it does not provide the same level of protection, which means that the trailer does not last as long as it should and that its structural integrity is compromised.

Another way to find out where galvanizing is done is the price. Trailer galvanizing in Australia costs more than in China or anywhere abroad, so if one is advertised at a seemingly low price, it probably means that the trailer chassis has not yet been manufactured still galvanized in Australia.

An additional sign that a trailer is imported from abroad is that some welds need to be re-welded or unambiguously added after the trailer has been galvanized and subsequently repainted with cold galvanizing.

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